b. 1986, HK.


Gail Baker Artmaker (the business) was born at a small, sunny kitchen table in Seattle, Washington in 1953. My mother drew a bunny (not a rabbit). I watched. This was magic and I wanted some of it. I drew the bunny. It was just fine! We drew more faces and animals in color. Making marks that were meaningful was mysterious and fascinating.  I signed up to be an artist at that moment.I continued drawing, painting, and playing with clay until formulas replaced mystery in college.  Since I wasn't satisfied with formulas and my clay class professor encouraged experimentation, I was inspired by his way of making art.  I made a set of phallic containers and sculptures which I was too embarassed to present for final grades.  The freedom I felt was overcome by a stronger sense of shame.  I'm sure he would have enjoyed and even valued my craftsmanship, realism, and originality.Graduate school began with an art therapy class at Marylhurst College in Oregon.  Leather mask making! The magic of immersion in the creative process returned 25 years after the ill-fated clay experience. The Evergreen State College printmaking and photography departments drew me deeper into self-expression.  Shame was not present. In 2000, I completed a graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis on art/creative expression and healing.  The work I do now - process painting, somatic visual journaling, painting, clay, masks, paper mache, mixed media collage - is all a part of accepting and growing into life's infinite space of possibility.  Creativity is the practice. 


2010-2018 Vetiver Organic Hair Spa, Issaquah, WA

2012-2013 Sand Point Grill, Seattle, WA

2013 Issaquah Coffee Company, Issaquah, WA

2010 Fin’s Bistro, Issaquah, WA

2010 Windows Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007 Fireweed Gallery, Homer, AK

2007 Ring of Fire Meadery,  Homer, AK

2004 Ptarmigan Arts Backroom Gallery,  Homer, AK


2015-present Evergreen Arts Association, Public Art Program, Bellevue, WA

2016 Kirkland Arts Center, Members Juried Show. Kirkland, WA

2012-2014 ERA Living, Ida Culver House, Seattle: University House, Issaquah; University House, Seattle

2012-2014 Kirkland Arts Center Store, Kirkland, WA 

2012-2013 Sea Lion Gallery, Homer, Alaska

2010-2018 artEast Art Center, Issaquah, WA

Juried member shows including “Bits and Pieces”, “Enthuse”, and “Falling”

2008 Trailer Art Center, Anchorage, AK 

Juried traveling show

2007 Mountain View Arts Center, Anchorage, AK, Fairbanks, AK and Homer, AK

Juried traveling show “Out of the Box”

2006 Pratt Museum, Homer, AK 

Juried show “Going to Extremes”

2006 Bunnell Art Center, Homer, AK

Juried show “The Body” 

Polymer clay and metal sculpture

2001-2007 Latitude 59 Café, Homer, AK

Women for Peace Annual Exhibit



2011 Sammi Awards for city of Sammamish in Sammamish, WA – Second place art award

2007 Fireweed Gallery in Homer, AK - Best of Show

2007 Alaska State Council on the Arts Career Opportunity Grant

2007 Alaska Arts Education Consortium Instructor of Statewide Teachers

2005 Homer Council on the Arts Artist of the Year in Homer, AK

2004 Stranded Art Fund Grant in Homer, AK


2013-2016 Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, WA

2010-present Evergreen Fine Arts Association in Bellevue, WA


2009-present International Expressive Arts Association 

Member, Published artwork 2010

2008-present Art East Art Center in Issaquah, WA 

Member, Instructor, and Education Committee Member

2005-2007 Pratt Museum in Homer, AK

Art Selection Committee for Rasmuson Foundation

Commissions for Museum Renovations


2014 Seniors Creating Art, West Seattle, WA

Contract teaching: drawing, acrylic painting

2008-present Seniors Making Art, Tukwila, WA

Contract teaching: silk painting, acrylic painting, Touch Drawing, drawing, collage.

2008-present Art East Art Center, Issaquah, WA

Instructor: Drawing, Painting, Polymer clay, Visual Journaling, and Mask Making

2008-present Gail Baker Artmaker Studio in Issaquah, WA

Private classes and workshops

2008-2011 Windows Gallery in Seattle, WA

Intuitive Painting and Visual Journaling

2008 Sitka Fine Arts Camp in Sitka, AK

Painting instructor 

2007 Alaska Arts Education Consortium, Teachers Teaching Teachers, Juneau, AK

2007-2012 Attention Deficit Disorder Resources Conference in Seattle and Bellevue, WA

Workshop instructor in contemplative, expressive arts for ADHD


2000 M.A. Psychology, Creative Expression     

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology/Sophia University, Palo Alto, CA 

1993-1994 Art Therapy

Marylhurst College, Lake Oswego, OR

1993 Psychology - Innovative/Expressive Therapies      

St. Martin’s College, Lacey, WA

1992 Surface Design on Fabric 

Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, Portland, OR  

1990- 1991 Printmaking. Photography  

The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

1971 B.A. Philosophy , Minor Graphic Arts    

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

 1967-1969 Fine Arts, French, German

Washington State University, Pullman, WA


2014 Issaquah Middle School, Issaquah, WA

Intuitive acrylic painting

2013 Bunnell Street Art Center, Homer, AK

Touch Drawing 

2013 Paul Banks Elementary, Homer, AK 

Residency: Masks of Outer Space

2009-2010 Sunny Hills Elementary, Sammamish, WA

Residency: Young Writers Workshop, Masks and Stories

2009 Homer Council on the Arts, Homer, AK

Residency: Leather mask making and character development with K-6 students

2008 Sitka Fine Arts Camp, Sitka, AK

Residency: teaching painting to teens

2007 Basic Art Institute, Alaska Arts Ed Consortium, Juneau, AK

Training and planning for teacher training; instructor for teacher training. 

2007 Tikusik Brown Elementary, North Pole, AK

Artist in Residence, Paste paper Collage, Storytelling with K-6 students

2006-2007 Flex Alternative High School, Homer, AK

Residencies: Mask Making and Self-Exploration

2006-2007 Fireweed Academy, Homer, AK

Residencies: Leather Mask Making and Jazz Dance


2007 Arctic Light Elementary, Fairbanks, AK

Artist in Residence, Collage, Storytelling

2007 West Homer Elementary, Homer, AK

Residency: Painting as Storytelling

2004-2007 Paul Banks Elementary, Homer, AK

Residencies: Collage, Paste Paper, Storytelling, Masks.

2006 Whittier School, Whittier, AK 

Artist in Residence with K-12 students from Native villages, Masks

1994-1999 Other mask making residencies in Shelton,WA and Olympia, WA


Life skills and art coach for developmentally delayed adults, Homer, AK

Retail sales and advertising artist for educational toy store, Olympia, WA

5th and 6th grade teacher, Shelton, WA