b. 1986, HK.



2010-2014        Vetiver Organic Hair Spa, Issaquah, WA

2012-2013        Sand Point Grill, Seattle, WA                         

2013                 Issaquah Coffee Company, Issaquah, WA

2010                 Fin’s Bistro, Issaquah, WA

2010                 Windows Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007                 Fireweed Gallery, Homer, AK

2007                 Ring of Fire Meadery,  Homer, AK

2004                 Ptarmigan Arts Backroom Gallery,  Homer, AK

Gail Baker Artmaker (the business) was born at a small, sunny kitchen table in Seattle, Washington in 1953. My mother drew a bunny (not a rabbit). I watched. This was magic and I wanted some of it. I drew the bunny. It was just fine! We drew more faces and animals in color. Making marks that were meaningful was mysterious and fascinating.  I signed up to be an artist at that moment.I continued drawing, painting, and playing with clay until formulas replaced mystery in college.  Since I wasn't satisfied with formulas and my clay class professor encouraged experimentation, I was inspired by his way of making art.  I made a set of phallic containers and sculptures which I was too embarassed to present for final grades.  The freedom I felt was overcome by a stronger sense of shame.  I'm sure he would have enjoyed and even valued my craftsmanship, realism, and originality.Graduate school began with an art therapy class at Marylhurst College in Oregon.  Leather mask making! The magic of immersion in the creative process returned 25 years after the ill-fated clay experience. The Evergreen State College printmaking and photography departments drew me deeper into self-expression.  Shame was not present. In 2000, I completed a graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis on art/creative expression and healing.  The work I do now - process painting, somatic visual journaling, painting, clay, masks, paper mache, mixed media collage - is all a part of accepting and growing into life's infinite space of possibility.  Creativity is the practice. 

Resume: Gail S. Baker